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CPAs & EAs

Accountants Spend Too Much Time
on Low Value Work

The accounting and tax industry continues to suffer, despite the plethora of client-based intuitive software, from mundane amounts of low paid and low value compliance work.

Workloads are increasingly focused on satisfying regulatory demands, providing support for client bookkeepers, and learning and upgrading write-up software. Recent technology has enhanced workflow and efficiency, but created “downward” pressure on firm profit as it touts that anyone can file a tax return using a smart phone and a bookkeeper, tablet in hand, can work at her kid’s soccer game. Accountants are competing with technology and each other for client work and spending more and more time cleaning up client data.

Focus on Ways to Add Value

A strategic shift away from lower billable rates to working only at rates that reflect educational and skill value takes guts and vision. A practice that spends as much time correcting client bookkeeping mistakes as it does providing tax planning and business coaching is losing money and deploying highly-skilled resources inefficiently.

If CPAs and EAs take bold steps to correct the problem of low chargeable work by moving to highly-valued and satisfying business services like tax planning, analysis, reporting, and consulting, there must be a cost-effective and efficient way to obtain the necessary data to make the move. After all, without accurate and timely financial statements, planning, analysis, tax returns and reporting are impossible.

QuikComp Provides Critical Support to
Transform Your Practice

For eleven years, we have provided accurate compilations to CPAs in the Metro DC area. QuikComp offers an outsourced, lower-cost way to serve your clients, free-up your time for more lucrative work, improve your bottom line, and enjoy your profession again.

Serve More Clients

Freeing up your time for better work means that you can add clients to your practice. No more valuable time lost to tedious bookkeeping review, finding reliable and trained bookkeepers, endless e-mails to clients or relying on client skill and response to finish a project. Using our mix of skill and technology, you can outsource compilations or refer clients and never work at a lower rate again.

Increase Productivity

Accountants and tax professionals concentrate on accuracy as a matter of practice. Productivity matters, too. Investments in technology and our years of experience and training, combined with our online communication center, net big results. Our partners benefit from our relentless attention to productivity, efficiency and effective communication.

Solve Unique Problems – Back Taxes

We specialize in multiple year compilations for clients who need to file back tax returns or who have missing data due to casualty loss or an IT malfunction. With QuikComp, under-served and problem clients are suddenly a fit for your practice.

Gain Competitive Advantage: It’s about your
clients and not your competitors.

How does your practice create value for your clients? Does your practice rely on client skill and response to get work done? Many clients are slow in responding, uninformed about basic bookkeeping standards, and often unconcerned about inaccurate data.

At QuikComp, we create value for your practice by providing accurate, timely financial statements, supporting working papers and data file, and excellent communication and follow-up. We handle the client for you. Financial statements are compiled according to GAAP and closed by an experienced tax professional. No more cleaning up data, searching for supporting documents or relying on and tracking client response. The result: your practice can put every second to good use quickly and accurately filing returns, preparing reports and performing analysis.

A Flexible Strategy- Subcontract or Direct

At QuikComp, we will work for you as a subcontractor where you bill the client and mark-up our service. You can also refer your client to us directly, and we will provide the data to you after closing the period according to the client’s instructions. Either way, rest assured that we will not solicit your clients. As a result, you are better able to apply your time to high-value activities.

Our goal is to make your practice stand-out by providing excellent service to you or your client.

Work Smart
We use a cloud-based project center to share documents and files, monitor progress, and communicate with our partners. The system increases productivity and enhances client communication and feedback. Because of this easy access, QuikComp serves clients in all states.

Customized Pricing
We determine the price for annual, monthly or multi-period compilations based on your needs after an initial consultation with you (or your practice representative) or the client (for direct engagements) and a review of the primary documents. We send you or the client a simple quote and once approved, and a method of payment determined, we begin work.

Ready to transform your practice? Here’s how we help:

QuikComp Benefits:

  • An experienced, proven tax accountant (IRS Enrolled Agent) closing each compiled period (according to GAAP).
  • Best practices from data entry to reconciliation to review with supporting working papers, QuickBooks data file and an accurate trial balance.
  • Advantages of using technology and skill to enhance productivity and create value.
  • Flexible strategy for serving your clients through subcontracting or referring them to us.
  • Efficient, on-line client communication system increasing productivity and client response.
  • Opportunity to serve clients nationwide and never worry about us soliciting your clients.
  • Tool to better serve problem clients who need compilations for multiple years, file back tax returns or replace lost data.
  • Resources that will help you increase high-value billings and work at a higher rate that reflects your skill, education and experience.
  • Access to a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for software issues and client training if needed.
"As far as the books go, you did a great job on them, again."
JM, Staff Accountant CPA Firm, Northern VA
"You have been an important part of my success."
SS, PartnerCPA Firm, Northern VA
"Great job with this tough corporation.

I added a G/L entry for Amortization Expense. Otherwise, it was perfect!"
PK, PartnerCPA Firm, Northern VA

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